Project Ammonite

Being rather unhappy with the state of Nautlius, I’m going to revive my old “Filecentral” ( project. Project Ammonite will be a prototype of an minimal yet extensible file manager for the GNOME desktop. Since Filecentral 2/Ammonite will be based on GVFS instead of gnome-vfs, and the first stable GVFS release is expected for Gnome 2.20, I still have some time to draw up a proper concept.

I guess there will be a lot of people that will tell me to work on improving Nautilus instead of wasting my time on a new project and divert effort this way. But anyone who has ever taken a look at the Nautilus source code knows what complexity lies in those depths. It’s not without reason that Nautius has been in maintainance mode for the last few years.

The first project phase will be an evaluation phase; priorities, possible starting points, project to evaluate. Thunar as a starting point is also something to consider, although that would inevitably lead to a fork; Benedikt Meurer will probably never agree to incorporate GNOME libraries into Thunar.

One way or the other, these are some of the priorities I consider:
– extensive metadata integration
– plugin system
– speed

If I ponder about it, may be that there arise some new ones.

Any suggestions?


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  1. Broeisi on


    Instead of starting a new filemanager project, Why don’t you take a look at Thunar?

    It’s project page is at

    It’s the filemanager used for the xfce desktop environment and is very well organized…

    and it’s based on gtk+…
    xfce is just a lightweight clone of gnome…

    Would you care to take a look at it?



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