Open Letter to HTC; the HTC Hero and Android 1.6 / Android 2.0 firmware upgrades

Dear HTP-People,
I recently bought (for the first time, I used to use used ones) my first mobile phone, the HTC Hero.

My purchase was made with the decision, to buy the best Android phone out there. And thus far I am quite satisfied with it.

Unfortunately, the phone’s software hasn’t been updated for three month. Two major upgrades for the Android operating system have been made by the Android community and Google Inc. in that time, and HTC has skipped the first one and didn’t even bother to acknowledge the second one.

I’d be happy to buy another HTC phone in the nearer future, but for that to happen I have to be convinced by HTC’s product commitment. That includes regular updates for hardware, also for older hardware. The responsibility for a product does not end at its sale.

I would eagerly buy another Android based HTC phone. But until I see a more committed product support by HTC, I cannot consider HTC Phones as an option.

Raphael Bosshard

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  1. Andy Jackson on

    I’m in the same boat. It sounds like they partitioned the constant (updated) portion of the OS away from the programs. There’s no way the new OS versions will fit in the small OS partition unless its resized and takes away space for programs.

    They (apparently) can’t run programs from the card, don’t want to risk resizing partitions or the support calls when fewer programs are installable (the limit is currently low as it is now).

    Honestly, I’m thinking the hardware is basically EOL unless someone gets programs running on the upgradable memory card. Of-course then swapping bought programs will be even easier and the Android market developers are strained as it is to make a profit there.

    Summing up, it’s not going to happen, get a Nexus one or get really good at soldering in additional onboard memory.

  2. Vadim P on

    Same thing here. HTC Magic, 1.5 os, apps are coming out that don’t run on my phone.

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