Pax Americana, Part I: Introduction

That the USA are an empire in the past tense I think most people have realised nowadays. But few really see how close the USA are to their downfall. This has many economic and social reasons, as well as some psychological ones.

First, many people in the USA are poor. And not just poor in the european sense. Most countries in the EU have elaborate social security nets to help people back on their feet. This is a nod to the power of the socialist and social-democratic parties. Europe has rich socialist past. The ideas of Marx and other socialist theorists were not simply discarded and disdained as dangerous and hunted down – from the late seventies on the ideas so called 68er-generation were actually included into the political process.

This has never happened in the United States. Even nowadays the word ‘socialist’ is used to derogate political opponents and paint them as enemies to America, as traitors and radicals. Synthesis has not been allowed to happen. The poor and the left-behinds are – well – left behind. Little thought is spent on them, political discussion focuses on tax cuts for the rich.

This has created a lot of poor and super-poor, unable to help themselves or help others. If you’re down, you stay down. The tent cities in the parks and outskirts of many US cities are just one indicator. And though – that’s the good part – poverty is not limited to the non-whites any more, most of the poor are either black or latin. White caucasian male is only the newcommer on the block. An unlike blacks and latinos, white caucasian male are not used to being on the bottom. Well, except for the Irish.

This gap between super-rich and super-poor is getting wider every day. True; some are getting rich but a lot more are getting poor. A lot of frustration and anger is created, pressure is building up.

Next part will focus on the US american system of education and why it’s broken.

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