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Five years of Ubuntu

Whoa, what a time. It seems like yesterday that the first release of Ubuntu (4.10, “Warty Warthog”) escaped into the wild. There was quite some buzz about that first release of the ‘Desktop Debian’ and I remember being very sceptical. Similar projects – Corel Linux OS, Lindows/Linspire – never lived up to the expectations and were quickly forgotten. But Ubuntu promised to be different. Ubuntu promised to be about Community and Participation, about End-Users and The Desktop.  No closed-door development like with Redhat Linux or SuSE Linux, no, a real community distribution. Five years late, Ubuntu has lived up to that probmise.

Yeah, right. It’s still not perfect. Yeah, Bug#1 is still open. And yeah, there are still a lot of lose ends to be tied up and some warts to be removed. Ubuntu is getting there. We are getting there.

As I wrote last year; 2008 was the Year of the Linux Desktop. And this was – to a big part – thanks to Ubuntu (and therefore Debian).

What an amazing five years. And what amazing times to come.

Here is to another five years!

Robin, 2007 – 2007

Ruhe in Frieden, Robin.

Viel zu kurz ist das Leben.
Wir wissen es erst zu schätzen,
wenn wir wie erfahren,
wie zerbrechlich es ist.

Robin, 2007 – 2007

Meine kluge Schwester

Jeannine hat eine 4.17 in ihrer BWL-Prüfung geschaft. In Anbetracht der Tatsache, dass sie aus Versehen in einen Kurs drei Stufen höher eingeteilt wurde, ist das ein wahrhaft erstaunliches Resultat. Aber sie hat es auch verdient, sie hat sich tierisch reingekniet.