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Netcraft confirms: Java is dying.

Read this: And this: (german)

I cannot disagree. With Oracle in total control over the Java programming language and the JCP finally revealed as the hogwash it has always been, the future of Java as anything different than a replacement for Cobol is very uncertain.

Why not throw Oracle Java out the OpenSource stack completely? Let’s build upon Google’s work, use the Dalvik virtual machine and – starting from the current Harmony implementations – diverge from the Java language an bring it forwards to the 21 Century. There is so much innovation going on in the Java worlds that does and did not stem from either Sun or Oracle. Think about the Spring Framework, about Play or Wicket.

I’d love to see the Open Source community start a true JCP, taking over control of the language. And since not even Gosling is happy the way Oracle handles the situation, it might be fairly easy to get prominence on board.

Just thinking…

Open Letter to HTC; the HTC Hero and Android 1.6 / Android 2.0 firmware upgrades

Dear HTP-People,
I recently bought (for the first time, I used to use used ones) my first mobile phone, the HTC Hero.

My purchase was made with the decision, to buy the best Android phone out there. And thus far I am quite satisfied with it.

Unfortunately, the phone’s software hasn’t been updated for three month. Two major upgrades for the Android operating system have been made by the Android community and Google Inc. in that time, and HTC has skipped the first one and didn’t even bother to acknowledge the second one.

I’d be happy to buy another HTC phone in the nearer future, but for that to happen I have to be convinced by HTC’s product commitment. That includes regular updates for hardware, also for older hardware. The responsibility for a product does not end at its sale.

I would eagerly buy another Android based HTC phone. But until I see a more committed product support by HTC, I cannot consider HTC Phones as an option.

Raphael Bosshard

Open source is like cancer? Indeed, it is!

It seems that Microsoft is infested with a dangerous cancer; the cancer of open source. Just a few month ago they released the a part of the source code to their Hyper-V virtualiser. This came after allegations of GPL violations; apparently Microsoft used GPL code and was thus forced to free the source code to comply with the terms of the known Free Software License. Now the open source bug bit Microsoft again; a Windows tool, developed by a subcontractor, was using code licensed unter the GPL. Looks like someone thought he could go the easy way and just ‘borrow’ open sourced code.

Now I doubt that Microsoft (or anyone within Microsoft) deliberately used GPL code. Actually, I’m quite sure that they have strict rules against that kind of things. However, as Steve Balmer put it; open source is like cancer; it can appear any where, any time and there is no cure. Microsoft is heavily dependant on third-party developers. And would guess that not all of Microsoft’s suppliers have the same strict rules as Microsoft, so this kind of thing will probably happen more and more. Microsoft cannot audit all the code they receive from contractors, can they?

Now what are they going to do? Require their contractors to open source everything? Probably not, but we’ll see.